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Strong reputation built on practical advice and tangible results for Californians

If you’ve seen an attorney on an urgent business or 房地产 issue, there’s a chance you’ve been subjected to jargon rather than plain English and received advice that lacks a practical application to your circumstances. 幸运的是, that won’t be your experience at Abrams Law Group Attorney Bob Abrams has spent more than 40 years in the business trenches of Fresno and the San Joaquin Valley as a banker, 房地产经纪人, 承包商, 老师和律师. Bob has hands-on experience and insider knowledge, which he uses effectively for his clients in matters related to business, 房地产, 人身伤害, 10bet线上娱乐网站, 和家庭法. If you need assistance with a transaction or help litigating a civil dispute, Bob Abrams provides skilled representation that yields positive results.

Legal guidance from an accomplished Central Valley business professional

There’s a saying that “Experience is what you get after you need it,” and this applies to many lawyers you could consult in the Fresno area.  Abrams Law Group is an exception: his experience in business, 银行, 房地产, construction and other areas was already solid before he opened his legal 实践. That’s why, when you choose our firm, you get:

  • 理解 — We know the challenges facing business people because we’ve stood in your shoes. But even more importantly, we appreciate the human struggle generally. As we’ve demonstrated in our community work for various civic organizations — the Fresno Rescue Mission; Habitat for Humanity, Fresno County; Campus Bible Church; and Fig Garden Rotary — we are devoted to helping people overcome obstacles and find success.
  • 详细的建议 — Because we’ve run 企业 that depended on sound legal advice, we know how important it is to offer detailed counsel to clients. That way, there’s no misunderstanding, and you can avoid costly pitfalls that impede your success.
  • 负担得起的利率 — We’ve worked in various industries and at different levels, so we know the value of a dollar. We appreciate how hard you work and believe you should have access to excellent representation without having to break the bank.

To see for yourself how our approach is different, take advantage of a consultation.


Practical approach to various areas of the law

Abrams Law Group assists clients in numerous areas of civil law, including:

  • 商业法 — We provide general counsel services for small to medium-sized 企业 from formation to dissolution.
  • 民事诉讼 — We represent plaintiffs and defendants in various 民事诉讼, including business and commercial disputes, 人身伤害 claims, and 离婚 actions.
  • 家庭法 — If you have decided to dissolve your marriage, we provide capable 离婚 representation to reach a marital settlement, 或必要时, to litigate the case in family court.
  • 房地产 — We represent a wide variety of clients including buyers, 卖家, 开发人员, 房东, and tenants in all aspects of commercial and residential 房地产.
  • 人身伤害 -如果你去过的话 受伤的 在一个 车祸, a premises liability accident or by a defective product, we can help you pursue the compensation you deserve.
  • 10bet线上娱乐网站 ——在我们的 10bet线上娱乐网站 实践, we help clients protect themselves in retirement and transfer their assets cost-effectively to their heirs.

在法律的各个领域, we are determined to provide the practical legal advice you need to achieve your transactional or litigation goals.


10BET互博 our Fresno law office for experienced legal counsel

Your legal issues deserve the type of knowledgeable and effective counsel that only comes from experience. 请致电艾布拉姆斯法律集团 or 在线10BET互博 安排会诊. Our Fresno office is conveniently located at 5412 N. Palm Avenue, just three blocks west of the Yosemite Freeway.

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